13 September, 2006, 213 am
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As you start to raise your head? 

Today, during la classe de…band??  Yeah, I think.  Well, my section was talking about music.  Maybe it was yesterday.  I forget.  We were talking about band and such, and then we got to discussing those bands you love to hate and you hate to love, but you love them regardless.  Dashboard is one of them (Dashboard Confessional, with Chris Carraba, for n00bs), of course; I, well…I like Dashboard.  And I hate to admit it because puny little Chris (ha, here’s an idea…go play Emogame; Chris on there is just like real life Chris) is the essence of “emo” and everyone calls him the “emo king” and shit like that.  I used to be really into music that I thought was emo, like Bright Eyes since Conor, well, he sings about Padraic and Laura and prostitutes; he’s pretty emotional…but all that turned out to be indie, or folk rock, which I suppose is something that’s intertwined with indie when you’re as young as Conor is.  We talked about Cute is What We Aim For and the infamous Fall Out Boy (which my friends and I refer to as FOB, pronounced “fahb” for n00bs; we also refer to every individual member as FOB, too) and Panic! At the Disco (which my friends and I refer to as P!ATD as in “paht-hddd,” duh).  They’re catchy, and that’s why you hate them.  But that’s also why you love them.  For “EEEEEMOOO” they always sing about being hurt and broken hearts and shit for LAMFs (as in Lame-Ass Motherfuckers).  I swear, by the way, cross my heart, and promise that I actually don’t use abbreviations for everything.  Just, when you’re talking love-to-hate bands, you have to use abbreviations sometimes.  Anywho, emo bands always sing about the same things; I’ll grant it to P!ATD and FOB that they have interesting lyrics that read like superdetailed prose.  And they’re kind of witty, which is a new asset to pop culture.  Bands aren’t witty.  They tell you you’re supposed to be different, or the same, and they tell you about relationships.  They’re never witty.  P!ATD and FOB are sorta witty, thanks to FOB aka Pete Wentz.  Also, let me just throw in there that I always felt really bad for FOB aka Patrick.  He’s really cute, but then there’s this studlicious (yes, he is) Pete bass-player who gets the record company and the girls.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Pete writes the wit!  By the way, boys, they don’t like him for his brain; they like him for his balls/face.  So…keep that in mind the next time you like someone who likes Pete.  Don’t think for yourself…?

Back to the purpose for this entry.  We added Death Cab for Cutie to the list somehow.  But I’m not really sure why.  I know that Death Cab is popular (we call them DCFC as in “duh-suh-fuh-sss” or “duh-kuh-fuh-kuh” haha, duhkuh fuckuh) and they have a lot of hits, and for that, at first, I wasn’t really sure why I liked them.  Or, for that matter, why they were on the radio and fucking huge.  Then the other day (as in a few minutes ago; I never plan my blogs, and you should know this by now), I realized that I like Death Cab because they never sacrifice their intelligent lyrics or their mellow sound for what the general populus wants.  That’s my take.  The general populus likes them, though,  I guess because they have their catchy songs, or something.  At first, I thought maybe it was because they looked cool, all indie, or maybe they thought Ben Gibbard was hot, and then I thought about that and affirmed that he’s not necessarily hot, so maybe they didn’t know who was singing.

Upon thinking about it, I have to admit that I’m really left in the dark as to why most people hate my music.  For one, it’s not loud.  Another thing, it’s got amazing lyrics.  And the artists’ voices may not sound the same as pop voices, or always do freaky Christina Aguilera show-off runs, or have perfect voices, but all that only makes them more amazing.  The imperfections complete them.

As far as Conor Oberst goes, I’ve decided that I actually will kick your ass if you talk smack about him.  First of all, his imperfections complete him.  And secondly, this is a weird and long reason.  For some reason, up until recently, I always listened to his songs through his perspective, either relating him to myself or just imagining I was him.  Sort of weird; I just appreciated the lyrics and thought he was brilliant and beautiful.  Lately, though, well, I’ve been looking at the lyrics and listening to the songs from a girl’s perspective (that’s what I am, after all), and it comforts me.  His voice is like a hug.  I appreciate how low his voice can go, whereas I used to appreciate how high it could go (I’ve always been a sucker for a hook with a high note).  High notes are sort of cold.  Low notes are warm and welcoming.  It’s weird, the transition it goes through.  And I used to think, “How could Conor Oberst be an asshole?”  But he has a life, and that’s what he writes about.  Obviously.

Update on Cora!: She’s a lesbian.  Or she might just be radical, because she shaved her head.  She’s also a little on the anorexic side.

P.S.  Sometimes, even I wonder where I get the pictures I use.  It’s great.


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hehehe your tamagotchi’s a lesbian? well, hey, i’m not a lesbian, but if i really wanted to bad enough, i’d shave my head…

Comment by divya

Whichever of your friends is referring to Fawb and Patddduh like that must be retarded and homosexual for red-headed men in purple sweaters. That is appalling that anyone would come up with something so unclever or unfunny as that.

I really miss the Emogame, and I know many people sub-labeled us as that at one point or another, but I care not. Indiexcore is where it’s at. Everytime I play that game, I get higher score on the “Guess the Emo Tune” mini-game down in hell (I think?!). I also end up downloading or listening to the band from whatever question I miss. Last time it was Straylight Run. I still think Jenny is hotter than whatshername from SR.

Comment by Edawg

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