11 September, 2006, 227 am
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So today, instead of sitting on my ass, which was covered in these Abercrombie & Fitch capris, my only pair of capris and my only Abercrombie & Fitch clothes ever because they fit well…what was I saying? Oh yeah. I got up at close to 11:30 feeling…I don’t know…controversial. As usual, right? I got dressed around 2 and paraded over to E-Dawg’s house. Naturally, she didn’t call, I just ran over there in my bare feet and knocked down the door with a bulldozer and ate Mambo, M-Dawg (I’m so damn clever; pause to admire), who is her dog…and then called Godzilla to come over and bring Erika to Subway with me. Because I could. Actually, none of that happened, but I did go over to her house and Paige was there too. I feel like…intrusive…when I use Paige’s nickname, Sponge, so I just…don’t. She’s Paige. End of story. Well, we started to walk to Subway and she had no money so we walked back to Erika’s…

LONG STORY SHORT, we watched this movie, Bowling For Columbine. No underline, double-you-tee-eff, mate? Whatever. A Michael Moore movie, and he made Dick Clarke look like a dick. It was awesome. Did you know that Canadians don’t lock their doors at night, in general? Like…I would never think of not locking my door at night. And their media is a lot happier. Think of it this way: Our media in the States portrays every crime as a random incident, when really, nothing is that random. Plus, a crime will only happen in your exact area once unless you like to walk under ladders or something, or if you live in Richmond ell-oh-ell…so the media blows this all out of proportion, telling you to take extra precautions for something that’s already been done and won’t happen again. Better safe than sorry…but I play logic games, so I already know this kind of thing. You have to think about it, really. Here’s one of the best parts…hehe…

The movie was amazing. It’s opened my eyes, for realz. Michael Moore pointed out how fucked up the world is through a demonstration on film. This sort of makes me want to be all radical and do something like that, or maybe just buy “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” only not really. At this point, I’m really hyper, so I don’t really care what I type.

Speaking of anarchy, there was a negligible snippet in the film about this girl going to court simply because she wanted to start an Anarchy Club at her school; it had to do with silly over-the-top precautions people took after Columbine (like suspending some kindergartener or something for pointing a chicken finger at his teacher at lunch and saying, “Bang! Bang!” Like he even knows any better; he’s five! Oh, and it was a chicken finger…what’s it going to do? Fire ketchup?). Back on topic, I don’t really think kids these days who support anarchy even know a damn thing about what anarchy really is; they just think it sounds cool because it’s chaos and lack of rules. Just to clarify for les estupides, anarchy is an opportunity for utopia. It’s not just chaos and the government collapsing and rape and murder and pillaging. Anarchy is freedom. Because really, is any one man or any group of men supposed to have dominion over all other men? No. Or, for that matter, is any one species supposed to have dominion over all others? No. If people did bad, karma would come back around to them on its own; justice would be served, but in a more fair way, like if you murdered someone, you’d probably be justified in doing so, but at the same time, people would hate you and probably come after you to repay you for what you’ve done. That’s just…one example…it’s not like everything would be total chaos. It’s just…things would be more fair and natural. As far as issues like money go, I don’t know what would happen. I just think that people might get along better if there wasn’t one leader.

Then again, is utopia really what we want? Wouldn’t it be a bit boring if things were perfect and completely balanced? Yeah. I’m just saying, anarchy isn’t as bad as people often make it out to be. And also, doesn’t everyone have their own idea of a utopia? Mine has to be different from yours. I mean, in mine, we’d all eat vegetarian cuisine and be really healthy and let the animals do as they please. And you might like roast beef, so…that wouldn’t work out too well.

By the way, my sister gave me a Tamagotchi she doesn’t use. It hatched as a girl, so I named her Cora! X, only it just appears as Cora!, since that’s how Tamagotchis are. She just laid a shit, so I have to clean it up. She’s a white blob, and she’s ugly. As in fugly.

By the way, I’m quite liberal, so if you’re offended by my colourful language…then I’m sorry. Or sowwy.


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First of all, thank you for the beautiful and detailed comment, I liked it very much!

About Moore. I personally consider him as the first American I saw talking about politics that I actually liked. The man really has a point, several of them in fact, and all of them quite true.

I mean, a quarter of a billion guns?!
Who are Americans so afraid of? I know that they aren’t very popular in the world because of constantly intruding in other peoples bussiness (or natural resources for that matter), but that doesn’t mean that every kid should have a gun.

Oh and yeah, I was also thinking of finding the Anarchist Cook Book, and I did find it on a french web-page, but it was quite hard to find the ingridients, so I gave up. Meh.

Anarchy? Sounds very nice of course, but I have a nasty feeling that it would really work in a much smaller community, not like a town, but even smaller. The main problem is, in my opinion, that the world is to overcrowded. Which is not to say that we should nuke everybody else, just to find somewhere else to live.

Nice post! Cheers.

Comment by 石丸 大輝

Wow, this seems so much longer ago than it actually was. Time flew.

Anyway, I can always count on you to appreciate movies and understand the deeper meaning, although this one was pretty up front.

Cora seems to take after me. You are what you love, but not what loves you back, so I’m a french fry. From Wendy’s! raw-full (sound it out, and if you get it, tell me next time you see me! It’ll make my day.)

Comment by Edawg

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