10 September, 2006, 1209 am
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I basically prefer blogs to MySpace.  Because with blogs, there are no expectations.  You’re not reading this because I look “hott” (yes, with two Ts).  And you’re not reading this to be nice to me; if you actually read this regularly, then that means you like my writing, or you were just searching Google for “sarcasm is the refuge of losers” and got a little bored and/or lazy, so you clicked the first link.  You are my audience and I don’t want feedback for the hell of it; I want feedback because I want to know who my audience is and what they think.  Because honestly, people, I’m not writing for me.  I’m writing to help people like me.  Of course, nobody like me has read this yet, and whether or not that’s because I’ve labelled myself (which you have to do these days, or losers who don’t know what they’re talking about will read your shit and be like, “Oh…this sucks.  Now I’m going to go play Halo 2 and do my AP Calc homework for kicks and giggles!”) or because I have no cred, or because I’m a hopeless loser…Well, nobody’s told me, so I’ll be really stoked when someone like me read this, even if it’s a flame and then they tell all their friends to read this cheap-ass blog and stuff.  My expectations are obviously low, but hey, I write about what I’d want to read, and there’s got to be someone out there who needs this information.

Anywho, we had band practice all godforsaken day.  Nine hours.  I cried when I woke up.  But now I’m pumped and ready to go out on the town and look at that…I have nowhere to go.  How sad.  I’m sweaty and gross, though…so I guess I’m a little glad, to say the least.  I’d have to take a full shower if I was to go somewhere.

Moving on to the music.  I’m a reluctant person.  Indie music that has sold out, fuck it.  I don’t want to hear it.  It’s crap.  Alternative and rock-based stuff, I don’t normally like because I’m so laid-back and mellow.  And I’m not saying that in a braggy way; I really am.  I’m shy and pathetic and lethargic, and the only things that make me pissed off are clingy people, freshmen, and liars.  So I like mellow music, and I’m not a rocker, mostly.  I’m into the intellectual stuff.  Complex thinking music.  Higher level thinking, haha yeah.  Well, I’d seen The Strokes in Blender, ElleGirl, Teen Vogue, read about them on LesInrocks (I think), and heard about them from my friends and strangers.  I thought they were just too common.  So I avoided them at all costs.  Here’s a piece of advice for you: If you’re having doubts about The Strokes, who aren’t indie but wear Chucks and sort of have fros…don’t doubt a brother.  Love.  Just…listen to them.  E-Dawg introduced me, and it’s tight shit.  They’re not crazy rock, and they don’t write about stereotypical things, and their sound is possibly to die for, though perhaps not like…Death Cab to die for, or…I dunno…Barry White to die for?  I don’t know, if you think Barry White is to die for, well, uh, each man to his own, not that I mind Barry White, but he sort of reminds me of someone I know, and not exactly in the way you’re thinking unless you’re Geeeeilllll or E-Dawg, since they just know things.

Here’s a picture of The Strokes, for your viewing pleasure.

They’re pretty spicy.  Not too frolicious right there, but certainly paprika-like.

Yeah, paprika was a nickname one of my bfffffs used for one of her crushes once, hence ruining that spice for me FOREVER, considering who it was with the nickname.  So they’re rather posh-like.  Haha pun-ish, I’m so clever, only not really.

Another thing, before I close this entry, I want a Skannerz UPC toy thing, and secondly, I want a Tamagotchi.  Maybe I’ll get a Tamagotchi with my allowance.  When I was eight, I had a Salem (from Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, yeah, you know the show–don’t deny it) Tamagotchi-like thing, but it died on me.  And I had an Italian Tamagotchi (it was red, white, and green, in some order), but I lost it.  Band does weird things to me…

I will buy one.  Tomorrow, maybe…


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hello there :)
you commented on my blog once upon a time (haha, yes it was some time back).. i got an email, actually. thank you for that…. and sorry for this very late reply.

i like your blog.. the ‘rocky edge’ it seems to represent…

Comment by kstar

You seem to like indie. Or not like indie, I don’t know, I’m not sure anymore.
But what I do know is that I’m liking your blog.
And liking it quite a lot.
So don’t be surprised to see a few more of my comments in the future.

Comment by 石丸 大輝

I love reading what you write. Because it’s real and I can relate. And I feel mature reading it because you’re not typing like this: omgz lyke u kno dis guy brad he dont lyke me!!

Yeah…I wish I had the whole “I don’t care how you feel” vibe haha. But I’ll keep coming here, whether you post the bulletins or not!

Comment by Laura

hahahahaha omg i so forgot abt the whole paprika thing. thx for reminding me. hahahah. will read ur blog more thoroughly later. got hwk. back pain from carrying backpack so much. bleghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ttyl

Comment by divya

I believe I can pump out one more before the bell rings. Myspace is dying (to me anyway), or maybe just because I choose life over cybering, and for you smartasses, no I don’t mean ACTUAL cybering.

I showed this to Geeeeilllll. I can’t speak for him, but being mentioned and read about was exciting to me, especially in musical things. You as well as us, have very refined music tastes that are uncommon in our comformist school. I just looked around my class and did a double-take just in case someone was going to beat me over the head with a Chamillionair poster, but they didn’t. Phew.

Comment by Edawg

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