5 September, 2006, 223 am
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I’m too nervous about school.  I’m actually afraid.  When this summer break started, I was such a small person, and more narrow-minded and shallow, and I thought I knew what I wanted, but I really didn’t.  Even over the past few weeks, I’ve gained a little confidence and revamped my closet and I’m just a different person.  I feel like I can take the dagger-reminiscent glares from enemies.  I feel like I can speak back to them, and throw something harder back, like maybe a mace instead of daggers.  Um.  Yeah.  But at the same time, I’m so nervous that I won’t have, well, friends.  Scratch that.  I know I have friends, but in my classes, I mean.  What is this world coming to?  I’m afraid of making new friends.  Isn’t that what school’s all about?  How did I survive last year?!  I feel like I need a tour guide or something.  I’m not ready.

So I’m sitting at my desk listening to De-Phazz and trying to calm down.  Really cool.


Speaking of which, what the fuck is De-Phazz?  You probably think I’m a little fucked in the head.  Either you’ve heard of them and you’re wondering why I’m listening to jazz/lounge music, or you’ve never heard of them.  And that’s okay.  Actually, this song, “The Mambo Craze” is one featuring the lovely Pat Appleton.  Sort of sixties, fifties.  Sorry if I’m off a decade.  It’s nice, as in lite and…catchy.  Yes, catchy.  I’d put it on the soundtrack to my life.  You should go out and listen to them, too.  It’ll calm your nerves in a feel-good way as opposed to a lovesick kind of way, and it’s not lame.  That’s just my advice, though.


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Dont be afraid ! Im sure you’ll do just fine (: MY EXAMS ARE COMING ! OH THE HORROR !

Comment by fatfrogflewpastfast

Hi there, I am glad to hear, I could do something for you on the calming side of things. But rest assured that we all share the same fears and insecurities, you aren’t alone out there. I feel quite the same at the moment, I am working on my first soloalbum, I am afraid to fail, I am looking for a label and hoping that I will get a release. I’ve got so many expectations to meet, there are so much open ends, all equally important, but too many to tend to at once. But that’s the nice thing about life, because “somehow we go on”,

Feeling the same in Berlin,

P.S. The original orchestra sample in “The Mambo Craze” is by Enrique Madrigera and was recorded in the 40’s. Madrigueras Heirs were really nice about allowing us to use his music and I am glad you like the song, it was my first and is my most successful co-composition with De-Phazz.

Comment by Pat Appleton

Is your title a line from a clever children’s rhyme like “I see London, I see France, I see Paige’s underpants” or Sofa King Gay, because that’s all it reminds me of. I love the 60s and even before that, not just becase of the hippie craze, but just simply the culture. 50s and 40s are cool too, speaking of which, I beleive you love my shirt today, if you remember what was on it.

Comment by Edawg

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