4 September, 2006, 509 am
Filed under: Music

Take The Arcade Fire.  Right.  Their sound.  Now throw in some synthesizers and maybe a little rust.  Put that shit in a blender (to mix it up), and you’ve got Wolf Parade.

I took Wolf Parade for granted for a while.  They’re an essential indie band and you sort of hear about them everywhere, and you think you’ve heard their songs even if you haven’t.  They just sound familiar because they’re always in the background.  And because they sound so similar to a faster-paced Arcade Fire, you don’t really need them for a while.  You don’t appreciate them.  They’re like your second-favourite pair of jeans.  Your first favourite is like…Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley.  The Arcade Fire.  Originals.  Second-favourite is The Strokes and The Elected and Wolf Parade.  Your favourite pair of jeans is the one that means most to you and you look best in them.  And you don’t care what other people think of them, but you really hope they like them.  The backup pair is nice but you wear them less.  That’s all.

Well, you really should wear in your next-best pair because you never know when your best pair will be dirty…per se.  So listen to Wolf Parade.  I’d recommend tracks like “Dinner Bells” (personal favourite) and “I’ll Believe in Anything” and “Grounds for Divorce.”  “It’s a Curse” is also appreciated.  Go out and buy the CD, though, for God’s sake.  Screw LimeWire for this once.  It’s worth it.  And if not…well, then you must be a pop fan.  Ha.  No money-back guarantee.  Sorry.  Not really.

Actually, I am sorry…sorry if this entry is lacking.  I’m really tired.  Maybe I’ll make up for it tomorrow by writing something about one of Wolf Parade’s songs as an individual entity.  I don’t know.  I don’t normally write a blow-by-blow plan of my blogs.  So enjoy this picture.  It’s nice.


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the jean analogy is incredibly brilliant. like, jesus. no, jesus is not brilliant, it was just meant as an interjection or something of some type. but you are brilliant, per se, and that analogy is ironically fitting because my new favorite pair of jeans are dirty but i don’t even care because they are amazing and i love wearing them.

Comment by Josh[ua]

I recall quoting this at the Armenian Food Festival. You were wearing your buttcrack shoes.
Finding a decent pair of jeans (metaphorically and literally) is really a challenge. Which reminds me, I got those “Morgan cut” pants from dELIa’s also.

Comment by Edawg

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