29 August, 2006, 819 pm
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If you like classy indie style or Delia’s and you have an “apple” body and you feel fat and/or icky, then you’ve come to the right place.  Normally, when I’m shopping at Delia’s, I’m apprehensive…I lean towards the tee-shirts and maybe like shorts, but that’s it.  I also like their thermal tops.  Nice and flattering.  Yesterday, though, it was my birthday, so I was looking for something special.  And I ran into this one shirt, and it was calling to me, “Paige, screw those tee-shirts; you already have enough.  Buy me!  Or rather, get your mom to buy me for you in a Medium and we’ll be best friends!”  So I didn’t even try it on; I thought, “What the hell?” and my mom got it for me (birthday).  I let it sit around all night and this morning, I decided to try it on.  Now, I don’t know about other “apples,” but I have boobs.  It was a little awkward trying to get the shirt on, since it’s fitted, and I was afraid it would be too small and look trashy on me, and I also worried about getting it off.  So…I was naturally shocked when I looked in the mirror…and it made me look ten times longer and leaner than I ever have.  I looked French.  It was hot.  I love this goddamn shirt.

By the way, if you’re not sure if you’re an apple…Drew Barrymore is an example.  Generally, you have skinny limbs and then you have a stomach.  Everything else about you is thin or normal-sized.  Just, your stomach is misproportionate.  So…this shirt evens you out and just makes you look skinny,  I’m in love with it. OR just go to a Delia’s store.  That’s all, folks.


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oh that shirt is adorable. and on you, yeah, it makes you look like you’re 19 or something. in a good way. not sure about french becuase i know no french people, but it’s a really pretty shirt.

Comment by divya

The only problem with magical, amazing clothing that minimize your flaws is that you never want to let them go. Take this from the girl who still has shirts from 5th grade. 5years ago wtf!!?21121!

I have no doubt you will handle this shirt with care though. It’s one of my favorites that you have, besides “Going for the Gold!”

Comment by Edawg

that’s such a cute shirt

Comment by Sakura

i’ve worn it down to the last thread. it started to change colour, though, so i put it away in my bottom drawer, sadly.

Comment by leindiemeister

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