23 August, 2006, 1111 pm
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To be honest is to see both sides of something. To be able to relate to either, but to choose one side. Just one. You can’t be honest and gray. It’s black or white, but you can be honest about not being sure. This sort of honesty, though, is only in being honest to yourself. It’s impossible to be fully honest to other people anymore because they won’t take your word for it. And words can’t speak loud enough anymore, anyways.

I feel sort of guilty for liking Matt Costa. I feel like his sound is something that all those Q94 (holla Richmonders) kids should like, someone all the polo-wearing, ponytailing, light pink-loving chicks should be swooning over. Sort of the way I swoon over Ben Gibbard’s voice (I do, I do) instead of over his sex appeal. But it seems like somehow, even with “Cold December” being up there on my playlist with popular songs like “Neighborhood #1” and “Take It Easy (Love Nothing),” nobody knows about Matt Costa. I figured, “Well, he’s probably a 30-year old like Daniel Powter, minus the little bit of sex appeal Dan has.” (Originally, I wrote that Daniel Powter was a 40-year-old, but I had to look it up to make sure nobody got mad at me. He’s actually 29 and a half as of Friday.) For me, the only exterior things about an artist that matter are his/her eyes and hair. It’s 1/3 voice, 1/3 lyrics, and 1/3 eyes/hair. I’m one of those junkies who thinks that Ben Gibbard is “cute” because of his eyes. They’re very bright, as in glowing and intelligent. I think Elliott Smith’s scars add to his appeal, and his hair is adorable (not in the Jesus hair phase). He was gorgeous. I didn’t really care about Matt Costa’s eyes or his hair or his age; I just wanted to see what he looked like for the hell of it. I’d read that he was a skater. That actually turned me off a bit, considering that skaters turned singers are normally full of themselves and overly attractive, as in they have no flaws to make them handsome (for me, flaws in appearance are a turn-on; they mean the guy is real). I’ve never really heard of a skater turned singer; I just know that singers with the badass mellow skater attitude normally suck. I didn’t want Matt Costa to be like that.

I expected blond, shaggy hair and huge blue eyes framed in tons of eyelashes, and probably a 6-pack and tan skin. That or a bald, pale head and biceps and a guitar in hand. Two extremes. What I got was Matt Costa.

Matt Costa with gorgeous hair. Lookswise, he’s sort of…reminiscent of the ideal indie guy. I wouldn’t date the ideal indie guy. He’s luscious. But I’d rather be his sidekick or his best friend. His good looks make me a little wary. Am I supposed to like the music of someone so undeniably attractive? But in being honest with myself, I’ve decided that it’s the music that matters, and it’s supposed to be 1/2 voice and 1/2 lyrics. So in being honest with myself, I’ve decided that looks and sex appeal are for pussies and MTV lovers, so I like Matt Costa a lot. It doesn’t matter if he’s got a sound reminiscent of teeny boppers. He’s too good for them.

On a different note, I’ve been lusting after Little Miss Sunshine for a good time now, and wondering why it’s rated R. Turns out, it’s only because of the word “fuck” and because of the grandfather’s heroin addiction. And that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. No lie. I will see it, though, if it’s the last thing I do.


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not that it matters, but matt costa is only 24 y/o.

Comment by ?

Because you put Q94, possible rapists will look it up, even if you already said “Holla Richmonders”, and find out you’re in Richmond and will seduce you by talking about Matt Costa and kill you. Good job.

Judaism is the lonliest religion. Random, but Artur is next to me pointing that out.

I know of the guilt you feel, I felt it when I saw Jim Morrison, but it faded as I began to wear him on a regular basis. I’ll also admit I thought George Michael was hot. Less guilt because he’s gay?? I don’t know.

Comment by Edawg

little miss sunshine was a good movie. but tehre is also a big deal about the dance number with the little girl. youll have to see it.

Comment by alex

yeah.i thought this was a goodish review of someone that doesn’t need your approval or opinion until i saw the over used not needed “teeny boppers” …like you said, music shouldn’t be about the person’s looks, and lucky for him he’s a great musican AND sexy. but really, does it matter at all if people like mtv? im sure it doesn’t really matter to those that do watch mtv, that you think its less than acceptable… just let people do what they want and feel okay about it. okay. you’re a good writer. glad to see matts catching on.

Comment by sarah

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