13 August, 2006, 1134 pm
Filed under: Music

This is my life right now: I’m numb, and I did something I probably shouldn’t have because of raw, mortified instinct, but I have nobody to turn to and I love not a soul, not a single adult in the world, because someone turned them all against me so that they are immature, drunk, and unable to handle the situation.  The only compadres I have are my sisters, and of course they see eye to eye with me, and that’s what everyone will say: we’re sisters. But while they even have a little love, I feel just the same as that kid that Blake Sennett croons advice and pity to.  Just the same, only there’s no Blake to turn to.


Pull the ripchord
the ship has lost its sail
your mama’s got a new man
your daddy always fails
and you’re eating again
at them
’cause nobody loves you

and even fancy things
have finally lost their charm
wine and diamond rings
they never get you anymore
you’re sleeping again
’cause nobody loves you.

they should have seen you,
should have known you,
should have known what it was like
to be you

so come on kid
look at what you did
I don’t know if you meant it
but you did yourself in
and I was even having a good day
when I’d found out we lost you.

she said it was in the singing and the strumming,
oh man I even saw it coming!


‘Cause he would listen.


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