9 August, 2006, 553 am
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This woman right here is amazing.

She is the epitome of original cool and red hair and defying the stereotypes and being soft and sexy but tough and a feminist and standing up for her rights and her being a female without being stupid or slutty.  I love her.

Seriously, who doesn’t love the pink Power Ranger?  Say what you may about whoever, Rachel Bilson, Lauren Conrad, maybe, maybe even Bright Eyes.  Maybe even Conor Oberst, although I would give your ass a good beating for unjustified smacktalk about him.  He’s a boy, though, and he can shrug it off.  Jenny Lewis is different territory.  You do not speak ill of Jenny Lewis around me.  I’ll leave this at “Or else.”

Why, though, would anyone hate her?  I’ve never heard of someone who didn’t like Jenny Lewis.  Everyone admires her tastefully short, retro dresses and the way she pulls off long, feminine, red, curlyish hair with bangs.  Her voice can go to the extremes–from tough single woman feminist to soft sheltered young girl suffering under the weight of love–in a flash.  She is what girls should want to be as well as what guys should want.  Why don’t they; why isn’t Jenny the poster woman for the epitome of the perfect woman?  Obvious.  She’s currently an “underground” indie goddess hit and not enough people have been exposed to her yet.  But I promise her time will come…It’s just the bittersweet matter of wanting to expose the uneducated to something great like Rilo Kiley and at the same time wanting to keep them to ourselves.  Oh, how I hate situations like these.

In the meantime, though, before we decide whether or not to let the n00bs in on our secret, let’s admire her workin’ it as an incredibly successful woman who’s only managed to break through and become more awesome as the years passed.


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This is much-needed.

When I’m listening to Rilo Kiley or Jenny with the Watson Twins, I find myself talking about Jenny like I know her, or just really appreciating the music. I almost got you an “I Love Jenny” shirt too, but I thought you’d be accused of Lesbianism so I settles for A Man/ Me/ Then Jim.

Comment by Edawg

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