7 August, 2006, 1204 am
Filed under: Barrels of Fun, Music

Bleh. Conformity makes me a little ill. To every question we ask at band practice, the answer is, “To make everything look the same.” Why do we have to wear white tee shirts/Why aren’t there different parts?/Why are we using that mortifyingly crappy “TSS!” sound instead of our typical beloved but hated “Benton Hut!”?! It’s almost like DR is turning into a Catholic school. And I know Richmond will never be outdated; it’ll always be dull yet bursting from the seams with pop culture and a deep passion for sameness (and saneness). I have a feeling that after this year, I may be forced to quit.

Oh yeah, and did I mention we’re supposed to go to London this year? Wait, yes, clarification for the confused–I do mean this place…

Yeah, that London. The one with these cool contraptions:

and these transportation units:

Oh, and there’s also an abundance of these hot pastries:

(Yes, that is a male.) So you can obviously see why I’d want to go to London. I forgot to mention these spicy fixtures:

Them minus, of course, Lucille and pre-2000 Christina Aguilera.

Or my own version of them:

Yes, that’s right, Britiain lovers: Spice Club. Or The S-Girls. Whatever. Note that Bradley is blacker than night, Scary is picking an eensie wedgie, Jo has a static fro, and Posh looks constipated.

That’s right, Victoria Beckham is constipated. And in her little Gucci dress, too. Also…in case you missed it…minor detail…Britney Spears was sort of in the picture…sort of like a walk-in, and definitely not something you’d pick out if I didn’t say anything…but here it is again; see if you can find her.

Aah so that’s why I want to go to London. Okay, maybe I lied about wanting to go for old time’s sake like S-Club 7 and the Spice Girls…and Britney Spears…I totally wanna go so I can feed the scene boys lacking in food. But it costs in the $2000 ballpark. Even with a job, I couldn’t earn that much. My dad makes that much in about a month. So…no way. And they’re trying to get all these extra people to go, and Mr. R is like, “Yeah! Mow some lawns and walk some dogs! We need 30 or 60 more people to be able to even go!” Try asking for California or D.C. kids, Mr. R, ‘kay?! You’re not getting any more kids because it costs so goddamn much.

We’d better go somewhere cool next year for “spring” trip.


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