3 August, 2006, 335 am
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Seriously.  I’m turning 16 in a matter of weeks (about 3), my poseurPod aka zMate aka iPod Scribble (I drew on it with Sharpie) broke recently (I don’t know what the hell is wrong with it), and I thrive on music at all times.  Sure I have a computer and a CD player.  But to lug that bulky CD player with me EVERYWHERE and about a hundred CDs?  I don’t think so!  So the first thing on my “list” is a Nano.  I know I won’t get a Nano, so I suppose I’ll make a picture blog of all the things on the alternate birthday list I’ve made for my ‘rents.

From Charlotte Russe, in order of favourite to least:

 From Urban OUtfitters, ditto:

From Delia*s, which is seriously my favourite store ever:

From Hot Topic:

Those are all the clothes I’d like, and I know I’ll probably only get 4 or or 5 of the things I ask for, but that’s why I made the list to long.  And I must have The Smiths shirt!  I mean, sure there are other clothes, and all that’s here is clothes.  But I can download all my music from Limewire (legal or illegal? I’m not sure), and I don’t often want other things, except like candy and friends.  Haha.  I say friends like I’m needy and I have none.  I mean I want to see and chill with my pals.  Mostly, I’m not needy; I like things but I don’t ever ask for them.  OH.  Currently, I’m sort of lusting after this, though:

Yes, I’m a Sims addict.  Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a little more space on my computer.  It only has 4 gb.  That’s like…the size of an iPod nano.  I’m not exaggerating either; it can barely hold The Sims 2 (and 900 songs…tehe) without exploding, whereas normal computers have no problem with that sort of thing, not really.  They shouldn’t, anyways.

I’ll leave you on a random note.  o_O


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Oh you’re turning 16 ! Thats like the same age as me HAHA.Oh i really like your idea about the Romeo and Juliet situation and i didnt really think of linking it to them being in love with the idea of being in love, not with each other!Its somehow becomes pessimistic view of things doesnt it?

Comment by fatfrogflewpastfast

where the hell is charlotte russe?

Comment by divya

We really should be going on our long-awaited shopping spree to Hot Topic, but this time I want it to be MASS. I’m talking hundreds of dollars.

Oh yeah, I saw you wearing a Smiths shirt yesterday :)

I’m always comparing life to the Sims. I’ll deduct or add points to people and imagine their needs/wants blinking over their head. You’re a definite 100 on my Sim scale, non-romantically of course.

Comment by Edawg

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