1 August, 2006, 450 am
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I am very sentimental right now. I’m in a ponderrific mood. I know that downloading music is illegal; Limewire is scary, but I’ve downloaded probably close to 500 or 600 songs from it (maybe even 700ish) and nothing has happened to me yet. So. There.

The sentimental mood hit me around maybe 9. I hate talking about my period. When I’m on it, I’m grumpy for absolutely no reason. Right when I fall off it, I just get hit with a wave of normal moods. My mood swings are horrible.Diving lesson.

Well, I hate spiders. There was an unnoticed spider crawling toward me on the desk. And I crushed it. And then I thought of the chickens that are killed by KFC. I just did what those KFC workers do. So I made the sign of the cross and I prayed for that damn spider. I almost cried. I could have saved it. I decided to kill it instead. I’m horrible.

So then I started downloading music. And I almost always hate cover songs. Rilo Kiley does good covers, as does anyone who covers The Postal Service or any covers The Postal Service or Death Cab does. And when Bright Eyes does covers, they’re good. Well, on Limewire, I came across a Jason Mraz cover of Bright Eyes’ song, “Kathy With A K’s Song.” And I was a little wary because, you know…Jason Mraz…but I got it anyways. And at first, it was weird listening to this pop singer singing my song, and it seemed to make so much less sense when he sang it. “Love is real?” Does he even know what that means? Conor Oberst knows what that means; he can sing it forcefully like it’s an official scientific formula. Jason Mraz just makes it sound like nonsense; it’s almost like he’s trying to point out the flaws in Conor’s secret theories. Conor is almost like a little kid; they seem so cute and intelligent when they say something that is perhaps an unsaid obvious. They bring out the best in us. And Jason Mraz is like a teenager trying to copy that innocence. And it doesn’t work at first. You expect Conor’s voice and you get Jason’s. Conor’s which is riddled with cracks and wavers but is perfect because of the reality of it, and Jason’s which is so jazz-perfect, it’s almost unreal. And his voice sort of cracks at a point and you think, “Wait! Why didn’t they edit that out?! Pop stars aren’t allowed to make mistakes.”

But once you get into the song; once you get over it and forget that Jason Mraz is singing and you know that he can have flaws, then it starts to sink in. I don’t know how to say this without sounding like Conor Oberst is inferior. So I’ll just say it. It’s really an honor and a compliment to Conor and emo and indie kids in general for Jason to be singing this song. Because really, he could have covered anyone’s song, and he chose Conor’s. He’s trying to convey Conor’s message to everyone who might not reach out and find it on their own, maybe because they’ve heard bad things about Bright Eyes, or else maybe becayse they’ve never even heard of Bright Eyes (sheltered souls). He’s one of the links in expanding people’s musical horizons. And that’s a good thing. Really, the whole compliment of Jason Mraz trying to explain Bright Eyes for everyone is powerful and extremely compassionate. And maybe you (if you listen to them avidly) feel like our secret’s revealed to the world, but no, it’s not. Just one song. Jason Mraz fans mostly won’t convert. It’s just one song, and it’s special. Hits the heart.

I think that music is having an impact on my life. Before, I just thought it was the things I did and the people I met, which, yes, they all have made a permanent imprint. But life’s nothing without a solid soundtrack. And some may argue that some or all of my songs are just uncool and soft, but they’re all here for a reason.

I have this weird feeling in my fingers like I’m writing in a shallow pond, and I can’t explain deep enough. It almost feels like I’m writing in circles. Strange.

For Your Listening Pleasure/What I’m Listening To: Fix You/Coldplay (This song often makes me bawl, possibly because of its use in the 9.11 movie, possibly because of the lyrics and the atmospheric, just plain pure sound.)

I uploaded Jason Mraz’s “Love is Real” for all those out of the know.  It’s right here at the bottom of the blog.  Have fun with it.


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My father used to tell me that if I downloaded free music, I’d be deported.

I agree with you about the compliment to our music, but that didn’t stop me from diwsowning Snow Patrol for singing “You Will. You Will?”, because that simply is a CLASSIC.

Soundtracks are amazing. I have a song for just about everything with everyone, but I usually keep it to myself unless it fits the situation exactly.

Comment by Edawg

Back in 1999, I used to play with and was sortof friends with Jason Mraz. When he released his first album, he sent an email to us (me and some other friends) saying that he was selling out, and that he hoped to make this album for the record label so he could move on to the 2nd. It was more involved than just that, but lo and behold, he releases more shit. Bright Eyes is my favorite band, so it actually made me happy to know that he at least hasn’t sold out as far as taste.

Comment by jamie

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