30 July, 2006, 428 am
Filed under: School

Actually, I wrote my last post yesterday at about this time, so I’m not cheating and writing 2 posts in one day.  That would be a tad obsessive.

I’ve actually realized that I tend to use my blog slightly differently from most people blogging on this site.  That’s okay, I hope.  I’m not a professional reviewer, and I’m not a political whore and I am not an expert at indie.  Basically, this is a journal away from LiveJournal.  It’s something I take very seriously, hence, I haven’t posted a lot yet.  I just wanted to clarify that.

I am excited for school.  I’m not sure how many other people are, but I am.  I’m ready to be a junior and pass in the circle of high school from a nobody to a 1337 member of the DR community.  Never popular; more admired.  Because I plan to help out freshmen.  And I don’t know if it’s just the Febreeze talking to me, but I’m ready to have good grades.  Like you know how in the Sims 2, the younguns have to do their homework, and this meter pops up above their head and as they do it, the meter fulls up until they’re done?  Yeah, I feel like doing that type of homework.  It all takes the same amount of time, and they never have like projects or field trips or anything.  Absolutely anyone can earn an A+ if they do their homework.  Well, it’s not like that in HCPS.  They push us too hard.  I hate it.  But I want school so badly, I think I might shit my pants if I didn’t have any self control.


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I often find myself wishing life was like the Sims, with fast-forwarding, pausing, and constant Woo Hooing ;)

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